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As a descendant of the Tiffany Family, Kendra Delano brings all of her heritage and global experiences into the design studio.  She delights in colors, patterns and the engineering of totally new jewelry looks. Her grandma and grandpa Delano were the first to show her watercolor and stained glass techniques that have been passed down over generations. She learned weaving, needlepoint, crochet and knitting from Nana Krider. By age seven while living on a boat in the Bahamas she was using macrame patterns to create plant holders and jewelry. Throughout her childhood she experimented with paper cutting, painting, sketching and even created dog sculptures covered with cat tail and pussy willow fluff (water plants from the lake). In the fourth grade she started her own company as the custom-creator of crocheted flower barrettes.


Kendra's life as an international educator allowed her to live for extended amounts of time in destinations such as the Canary Islands, Spain, Singapore, Puerto Vallarta and the Mayan Riviera.  Always on the hunt for treasures she was able to explore gem and mineral mines, the depths of the sea as an advanced SCUBA diver and gather language and customs from a myriad of cultures.  Globe trotting at will gave her a sense of freedom, an open mind and the limitless belief that all is possible. As a true Bohemian she sought out musicians, artists and other wanderers.  All that she has seen and experienced finds its way into her over the top eclectic style.  Crawling around the floor creating unique pieces is her return to child-like joy and wonder. Kendra weaves love into every knot.  Her one-of-a-kind ensembles are like beautiful creatures living in the wild. They move easily, express freedom and add joy to their surroundings. People who visit her at markets, festivals and art shows know they have wandered into a realm of creativity. Encouraging inner playfulness through style is her goal.

Kendra incorporates semi precious stones like Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (her birth stone), amber (hand-chosen from the mines of Chiapas), diamonds, gold, silver, barrel coral, shells, sea glass ("Mermaid Tears"), crystals, and other Bohemian treasures into her pieces.  High end freshwater and exquisite Tahitian pearls add luster and a divine female energy to her work. In Tahiti the people believe the pearls give their wearers courage and strength. It is said that they draw anguish from the body and seal love. These pearls are hand-woven on the strongest, softest leather.  This organic and elegant jewelry seems to speak for its wearer: 
"I value all aspects of myself.  I take the time to create looks that express my inner voice.  I am precious."  Hollywood stylists adorn clients such as Jill Goodacre, Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa with Kendra's designs.  It is Kendra's intention to, "Create an elegant adventure," for herself, her family and her clients for years to come.

Kendra Delano


I stumbled upon a beautiful woman on a beach in Mexico.  She was hanging ropes of her incredible hand-tied jewelry. Kendra was a gift as she befriended me, a scared introverted woman single after 31 years.  I was traveling alone for the first time ever. You have no idea how her friendship empowered me, how it made a very tough week bearable and even fun! We had an immediate connection that came about from a common interest in Dr Wayne Dyer.  Kendra was so upbeat about the strength I had to be alone in a foreign country.  I really needed to hear that I was strong because I sure didn't feel it!  She shared her life and her family with me..took me on a bus to Playa del Carmen (an experience!), and to meet up with her family for dinner..she took me under her wing and I will never forget that! Kendra has a gift for touching people's hearts and lives..she recognizes the potential and goodness in everyone and lets them know they are special. Oh yeah..and I loved her jewelry too!! I came away from Mexico with the most beautiful pieces of jewelry for myself and the special women in my life! Kendra is an exceptional artist and person..Kendra..truly the most important thing from meeting you was "you". Leathered Pearls is an awesome success due to your artistry and the beauty you have inside and out!!

Colleen Wiens Taylor


My first experience with Leathered Pearls was as unique as the artist behind the mystifying craftsmanship.  Soon after, I discovered Leathered Pearls aren’t just an accessory or expression of identity, but a unification of the bond we share in mind, body, and soul.  Each piece carries significant meaning to the artist and those that choose to wear it, and it’s this uniqueness and individuality in every item that sets Leathered Pearls apart from the ordinary to a realm of greater meaning.
    As an actor, it’s important for me to market myself as the product.  Everything that goes into who I am is what I’m offering to a prospective employer for film, commercial, or TV work.  Having the familiar charm of a Leathered Pearl necklace or bracelet not only distinguishes me as an individual, but it reminds me of who I am and the reason I present myself in the way I do.  My Leathered Pearl necklace is an extension of myself and the essence that composes me, and just having that type of connectivity to the soul is quite a reassuring thing!  It’s always a welcome addition to walk into an audition or reading with that type of confidence, and just being able to be me is an integral part of that.  Having an item that represents that part of myself while remaining endearingly humble yet no less enchanting is a joy for me.  
    So, if you’re a free spirit chasing the wind, there’s a piece for you to connect with.  If you’re a serene soul who relishes the feeling of sand or grass beneath your bare feet, there’s a piece out there that will remind you of that inward tranquility.  And if you’re somewhere in between and want to look unique and fantastic in a way that’s more than just expression, I highly encourage you to give Leathered Pearls a look.


Clayton Rutschow


Several years ago, Kendra and I met while she was living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our friendship

quickly became evident. We had a connection! The connection Kendra and I share is similar to the

connection she has with “leathered pearls”. Kendra infuses her heart and soul into every piece of

“leathered pearls” jewelry. “Leathered pearls” is much more than a necklace or bracelet. Every

piece is original art with a connection to the artist and the spirit which inspired the piece. “Leathered

pearls” is intelligent jewelry, in that each piece is named by the inspiration Kendra feels from the piece.

“Leathered pearls” materials are all natural and worldly, from the Tahitian pearls, to the leather and

beach glass. “Leathered pearls” jewelry makes a statement about both the artist and the wearer.

Stunning with understated elegance.


Linda Wagner


I first met Kendra in 2011 on a beautiful Mayan Riviera beach and was totally captivated by her beautiful pearls and sea-inspired jewellery. I bought my first piece right off her neck...literally! Each trip back, I added to my collection and bought special pieces for special people in my life. Buying online, I can always trust that Kendra will create a piece I will love, selecting the prettiest, most perfect pearls for me. I love the feel of Leathered Pearls against my skin! BTW I do have 7 in my collection and have bought 2 or 3 others as gifts.


Karen Haukedal


I first picked up one of Kendra’s pieces years ago in Mexico.  I have worn it endlessly and it still looks incredible!  I was super excited to find Leathered Pearls online and have purchased several beautiful designs - each piece is unique and exquisite and I truly feel empowered when I wear them.


Adeline Holte

Ever since visiting St Barths I have loved pearl and leather jewelry, both for men and women.  I have had an amazing experience in working with Leathered Pearls.  Immediate response, high quality products and unique artistic pieces.  I have ordered items for myself as well as many gifts and have never been disappointed.

Ryan Stenzel


A couple of years ago I was vacationing in paradise. While lying by the ocean a friend came over and told me about some incredible jewelry she had found. My friend and I walked along the picturesque beach and stumbled upon a girl sitting beside a tree making jewelry. Strung up on the tree on a rope were pieces of unique and beautiful jewelry. Kendra was so friendly and showed us beautiful ways to combine her leathered pearl and stone jewelry. The combinations were stunning! My friend and I bought several pieces and went back the next day to buy more including presents for friends and family. What an incredible talent and life she had by the ocean! Since that experience we kept in touch with Kendra and followed her journey with leathered pearls and journeys throughout Mexico. I have bought several of her pieces of work online. Her product is so unique and is a beautiful accessory for casual and business apparel. I highly recommend leathered pearls for everyone young and old.

Cathy Gingera


I discovered Leathered Pearls while on vacation in Mexico in December 2011. While walking along the beach I spotted this lovely young woman designing beautiful jewelry with leather and Tahitian Pearls! Within minutes I fell in love with this jewelry and by the end of my vacation I had purchased 2 bracelets and 2 necklaces! I have since ordered several pieces online from the Leathered Pearls website and I am looking forward to seeing the new designs. Thank you KendraDelano, I am so happy to have met you.  Your beautiful jewelry has changed my life:)

Elle Roberts

I found Leathered Pearls when I was vacationing in Mexico. Sitting on the beach, soaking up the beautiful sunshine, I saw a woman string up twine between two palm trees!  Being that I am a jewelry designer, I was so intrigued by this. I walked up to Kendra Delano and was amazed at her beautiful pieces, gorgeous Tahitian black pearls strung on leather! Of course I couldn't go home without one of her her yummy pearl necklaces. So happy that our businesses connected and we still keep in touch! Xoxox

Donna Farkas

I met Kendra Delano on the beach next to Dreams Resort in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.  She is as beautiful as her pearl jewelry pieces.  I purchased two and they were a great hit as gifts. I also have one.  I wear it daily and love it.

Penny Harris

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