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Same Day Different Choices

Leathered Pearls is all about inspiring creativity.  It's about empowering people to live with love, joy, courage and strength- all of the positive emotions that make life wonderful.  It's about choosing a passionate existence.  Behind the Leathered Pearls label is a wonderful project, Same Day Different Choices (SDDC).  SDDC teaches children how to respond positively to challenging situations, how to focus on goals and create action steps to move toward them.  When you purchase a Leathered Pearls piece you are helping this mission on its way.  With a $200 purchase you can donate a Same Day Different Choices book to someone you care about (or a school, library or school district).  Just send the address via the contact tab on this website or to  An autographed copy will go out with the words, "You are precious.  (Your name) smiles every time you choose to shine!"

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Law of Attraction for Children

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