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Gitana Set

Gitana Set


Have you seen the movie Chocolat?  The romance, the intrigue, the freedom of unplugging from society, the music, the dancing, the voice in the clothing seems alluring and intoxicating.  Gitana means gypsy in Spanish and this piece is named after the gypsies of old times, the ones who were constantly adapting as they moved their parade from town to town.  This piece adapts as well; it can be worn in any number of ways tied like a scarf or looped around the neck.  It can hang down the back or drape over clothing in a lariat.  It can be worn wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet or even as a belt.  The pearls slide and the piece changes with your moods.


Your set (bracelet, earrings and bracelet) will be similar but not identical to the one shown in the product photo as all pearls vary slightly.  Please specify a bracelet length during the check-out process.

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