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Elegant and simple this piece showcases Tahitians on strong and soft leather.

The name Rhiannon means “Divine Queen” of the fairies. There is a Celtic legend that tells how she left her fairy people to marry a mortal prince. Because she was so lovely and sang the most beautiful tunes, her servant women were envious and plotted against her. For years she suffered because of their deception until all wrongs were righted and Rhiannon was restored to her honor and her place beside her true love. Rhiannon, goddess of noble traits, saw that her servants were ashamed, and she was filled with forgiveness and understanding for them. The story reminds us of the healing power of humor, tears, and forgiveness.

This piece measures 7.75 inches in length.  You can request a customized size during the check-out process.  This bracelet is similar but not identical to the one you will receive as all pearls vary slightly.

  • Details

    All bracelets are custom made to fit you! Please refer to the chart in the photo section above. Include your sizing information in the message box when you place your order.
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